Learning Beautiful

Montessori-based computer science education tools developed at the MIT Media Lab

Battery Park Montessori partners with Learning Beautiful to bring their groundbreaking Montessori-based learning materials to our students. Learning Beautiful founder, Kim Smith, works closely with our educators to maximize the use of the materials in our classrooms.

Learning Beautiful provides a set of Montessori materials designed to teach the basics of computer science and support an understanding of coding, logic and computation. The materials are consistent with the high aesthetic standard of Montessori as well as the principles of learning design that support independent use by young children. Read about Learning Beautiful in the MIT Technology Review.

Computational thinking is simply a different way of understanding abstract ideas. Computers use tools like binary number systems, pixels, and boolean logic to process information. While those sound complex, the underlying logic is as simple as our familiar alphabets, sorting, or counting. Learning Beautiful is a way for children learn the building blocks of computational thinking, preparing them for the many literacies they will need in the future.

Learning Beautiful website

Parent and Educator Workshops

Join Green Ivy Learning for an upcoming workshop or training with the Learning Beautiful materials. Learn more and register here.

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