Community Events

In addition to the guidance we provide families during their child’s pivotal period of early childhood development, we believe it is important for our families to come together to socialize and, simply, laugh! We often say transition points in one’s life are opportunities to make new friends, and a child’s start of school is certainly a big transition that brings new friendships for them and their parents! 

To help build community and strengthen our unique Battery Park Montessori fabric, we have many social events for our families:

Green Ivy School Events

Joining Battery Park Montessori means becoming part of an extended family too!  Throughout the school year, we come together with our sister school, Pine Street School, for events like our annual welcome picnic, ice skating, winter and spring performances, and more.

Battery Park Montessori Community Events

Social Events/Mixers

Throughout the year, we have “terrace” parties and a cultural potluck.

Welcome Times for Families

Typically starting by late fall, parents are welcome to sign-up to visit the classroom before or after the school day.  

Special Guest Appreciation Day

Parents, relatives, loved ones near or far are welcome to this annual event!  Each family can send one person to come in and work side by side with their student. 

Child Led Tours and Songs

Before winter break, we invite families in to hear our students sing songs in all our languages!

Birthday Walks

Parents and loved ones are invited to come in to celebrate their child's rotation around the sub, a Montessori tradition!

Coming in to Share

There are a number of opportunities throughout the school year when we ask families to sign up to share information about themselves to their child’s class. For example, we invite family members who are community helpers to come in to share their work with us or invite families from particular countries during our continent study units.

End of Year Celebration

One of the biggest parties of the year which takes place after our moving-up ceremonies. 


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