Guidance and Exmissions

Parent/Caregiver Education Opportunities

Seminars and Workshops:

Seminars or workshops led by our faculty and/or specialists happen often at Green Ivy Schools.   Events include parent education nights, workshops for caregivers, head of school chats, curriculum nights, or our exciting “Silent Journey” are all wonderful ways to learn about the Montessori philosophy, the classrooms, and the significant development occurring in your children. We take great care in partnering with our families and providing them with resources and tips to get through the various stages and behaviors children go through as they navigate so much growth! 

We also bring in early childhood social and emotional development experts in their field to provide parents with greater insights on what is happening to your child and how to best support them throughout this formative and critical period of development.

Parent-Guardian/Teacher Conferences:

As a small school, we can focus on school to home partnerships and make it a point to meet with parents as much as possible. Before a child even steps foot on campus, we meet with parents to get to know them. Once school starts, we have a check in during the month of October. We then have three subsequent “conferences” to discuss each child’s academic, social, emotional, and physical progress.  

Classroom Observation Cycles:

At least once a year, one parent from each family is expected to come in for an in-person class observation. Although we can share philosophy with you in seminars or workshops, we find that a parent watching a classroom in practice provides a higher level of understanding and appreciation for the Montessori philosophy and how much the children are learning.  

Exmissions Support:

Visit our Exmissions page learn more about how we support families through the exmissions process.  Our goal is to hand-hold families through the many school options that NYC affords our children.

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