Performing and Visual Arts

Pine Street School's Arts Approach

At PSS, our students are invited to let their creativity and self-expression take center stage. We believe that the arts are an essential part of a well rounded education, fostering imagination, critical thinking, creativity and collaborations. At Pine Street School, our students can explore their talents and develop skills in music, theater, dance and the visual arts.

The Arts not only enrich our lives but are critical to an understanding of global cultures and the common themes that unite societies. We recognize that arts are a medium of inquiry and provide opportunities for learning, communication and expression. Learning about and through arts is fundamental to the development of the whole child, promoting creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and social interactions.

Both the Preschool and Elementary classes have regular assemblies, where the students share their learning and perform.


We believe that music brings joy, opportunity, creativity and an opportunity for personal expression. We see it as an essential for a well rounded education. Our program is designed to cultivate creativity, discipline and a lifelong appreciation of music. Students will develop skills in music theory, performance, composition as well as explore the connections between music and other disciplines such as history, literature, and culture. The aims of the PSS music program are to encourage and enable the students to:

  • Create and present/perform music
  • Develop musical skills (through a combination of Orff and Kodaly strategies)
  • Explore diverse genres and styles of music, from classical to folk, to jazz, digital and beyond
  • Connect with professional musicians and cultural institutions through partnerships and field trips
  • Understand the relationship between music, themselves, and the world
  • Build teamwork and communication skills through ensemble performances and group projects

Extracurricular Music Activities

In addition to our general music classes, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities for our students to explore their musical talents. We have choir, guitar, and piano, that perform at after-school events.

Our choir program offers students in 2nd grade and up the opportunity to develop their vocal skills, learn new songs, and perform at school concerts and events. In choir, students will build their valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, dedication, and confidence. We also expose our students to songs from different cultures, helping them appreciate and understand the diversity of music. In addition, we find performance opportunities in the city for our students, giving them exposure to different audiences. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced singer, our choir program has something to offer for everyone.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts are a powerful mode of communication through which students explore and construct a sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them. Visual Arts provide students with a wide range of opportunities and means to respond to their experiences and engage with historical, social and cultural perspectives through a variety of media and technologies.

Physical Education (PE)

Our PE program is designed to promote healthy living and encourage students to stay active. Through a variety of exercises, games, and activities, we aim to develop our students' physical abilities, such as strength, endurance, and flexibility. In addition to improving our physical health, we also emphasize the importance of developing teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for others.

Our program is committed to ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to participate in physical activities, regardless of their skill level. We provide a safe and inclusive environment that promotes learning and growth. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors are dedicated to providing engaging and interactive lessons that keep our students motivated and excited about PE.

In addition to our PE, our school offers two shows each year, giving students the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity. These shows are a wonderful way for students to build confidence, develop their stage presence, and work collaboratively with their peers.

Our Winter and Spring shows feature a variety of performances, including singing, dancing, acting, and skits. Our students have the chance to shine on stage, demonstrating their skills and abilities to their classmates, families, and the community. The shows are always a highlight of the school year, and we are proud of the hard work and dedication that our students put into making each performance a success.

Check Out a Pine Street School Performance


Meet Our Arts Educators


Danni Bellando | Visual Arts Teacher

Danni is an Educator and Visual Artist from Long Island, NY. She holds a B.S. in Visual Arts Education as well as a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing from SUNY New Paltz. Danni has taught within NY Public schools, and has been an Educator at cultural and community institutions including the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, the Wassaic Project, FABNYC, and Hootenanny Art Annex.


Pablo Cortezon | Physical Education Teacher

Pablo was born and grew up in Spain and moved to New York City in 2019. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in Spanish and Basque (an ancient language from the north of Spain) with major in Physical Education from the Public University of Navarre.


Qingyan Yu 于青艳 | Music Teacher

Bilingual in Mandarin and English, Qingyan is completing her M.A. in Music Education at Steinhardt, New York University. She holds a bachelors in music education from The Capital Normal University in Beijing.

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