Beyond Pine Street School

Congratulations to our 2022 Class of students and families, all of whom were accepted into their top choices of ongoing schools!

Along with the benefits of the leadership and mentorship opportunities that our Upper Elementary students experience, another benefits of choosing Pine, is that you will have a better sense of who your child is, including their interests, social and academic aptitudes, and how they learn best, and you and they will be able to use this insight to find an appropriate ongoing school for your child at age 10, as opposed to when they are very young.

Where Our Graduates Are Headed:

The Nightingale-Bamford School • Berkeley Carroll School • Columbia Prep and Grammar • Dwight-Englewood • Dwight School • Horace Mann • Marymount School • Packer Collegiate Institute • Poly Prep Country Day School • Sacred Heart Academy • Saint Ann's School • Trevor Day School • NYC Public Schools

Our experienced team of Pine Street School educators and placement specialists have deep connections in the New York educational community. Supporting our families and students in their search for an ongoing school is both a critical responsibility for us, and also a profound joy.

Helping families with the ongoing school placement process is an area where the benefits of being a smaller community really stand out. Our students and families receive personalized guidance every step of the way from our exmissions team, including in choosing which schools to visit, admissions application timelines, and in managing the multiple acceptances. And, because we know our families personally, we are also in a position to individually advocate for our students and families.

Both group and individual meetings and consultations with families typically begin at the end of the Fourth Grade, and direct support from the exmissions team continues throughout the process. In addition, Fifth Graders receive strategies and practice in the various academic assessments they will face, and we also provide them with in-person and virtual interview skill support.

A student’s confident, clear, and thoughtful participation in choosing where to continue their work, is an important milestone for a child, but can also be a powerful testimony to the ongoing schools being considered. Plus, families report that going through the school choice procedure with their child is a powerful bonding process and parents have said they came to know their child more deeply.

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