Student Life at Pine Street School

Service Learning and Leadership

We want our students to be connected to the broader world, to understand the challenges of the times and to participate in finding and acting on sustainable solutions for the future. An IB student is one who takes responsible action. This is where this learning begins.


We believe that our actions can reverse global warming and build a healthier and more sustainable world. We also believe that it is our responsibility as educators to understand the world your children will inherit and prepare them for it as best we possibly can.

In this vein, we have a firm commitment to sustainable practices, both as a school and as individuals. In everything we do, everything we produce and everything we purchase, we ask ourselves if we are making a decision that supports the most sustainable possible outcomes.

After School Programs

Pine Street School offers rich, engaging after school programs and classes for students ages 2-15. All of our enrichment programs are open to students from anywhere. We offer programming across all interests, including the arts, technology, and language.

After School Clubhouse is available from 3-6pm daily. This is a fun, relaxed social experience in which students play, do homework, snack and hang out. Access to virtual enrichment programs is available to Clubhouse students.

Summer Programs

Green Ivy Schools host camps and classes for children of all ages in the summer and one-day camps during school vacation days throughout the school year at Battery Park Montessori and Pine Street School!

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