Growing Grade by Grade!

Now Enrolling! Launching with Kindergarten in the 2024-2025 school year, and growing grade by grade each school year thereafter, Green Ivy Silicon Valley will provide a boutique educational experience for students through 8th Grade. Academic rigor will be driven through inquiry-based transdisciplinary learning and forward-thinking technology practices. Rooted in authentic experiences, conventional subject disciplines will serve as a lens through which big ideas will be explored.  Students will choose Spanish or Mandarin language immersion. Scroll to learn more about our Elementary and Middle School Programs below.

Elementary School Program

Green Ivy Silicon Valley’s elementary curriculum reflects and encourages the love of learning through its emphasis on, and purposeful use of:

We value students as a whole. This is exemplified by our emphasis on, and purposeful use of:

  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • The IB Learner Profile
  • Developing student identity (IDEA concepts)
  • Embedded opportunities for personal growth, development and expression (ACT - Activity Choice Time)

Our Elementary program, provides:

  • A holistic program that balances the development of concepts, skills and character
  • State-of-the-art technology embedded in transdisciplinary learning
  • Guided inquiry, collaboration, and communication to foster the development of problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) presented under transdisciplinary themes as outlined below
  • PE, Music, and Visual Arts taught by specialists or the homeroom teachers to form a comprehensive, varied, and rich experience

Elementary Assessment

The IB assessment model is built around the philosophy of inviting students to participate in thinking about their own growth as learners. This approach begins training elementary students to take ownership of their individual assessments so that they are uniquely adept at doing so before they enter Middle School.

Students engage in daily reflection on their work, review their Student Portfolios, and discuss their progress with their teachers. They actively participate in the three annual conferences: parent-teacher, parent-teacher-student, and student-led. Students build confidence as they share what they have learned as they discuss the challenges and growth they are experiencing. All of this information is reflected in the student report cards.

Assessments may take the form of:

  • Summative presentations at the end of each transdisciplinary theme
  • Formative assessments such as ongoing teacher observations
  • Student rubrics, checklists, student generated portfolios
  • Benchmark Assessments such as; Math and Reading Running Records, NWEA (MAP) Assessments, AAPPL (Target Language)

Middle School Program

Green Ivy's Middle School curriculum will follow Common Ground Collaborative Learning Ecosystem and will be focused on the development of each student's gifted qualities within a safe and supportive learning community that nurtures the growth of their academic, social, and executive function skills.

What Are the Benefits of a Small School?

The Green Ivy Middle School experience will be truly ‘boutique,’ in that it will be focused on the development of each individual student within a safe and supportive community; to help nurture the growth of their academic, social, and executive function skills; and to prepare them to enter the High School of their choice as confident, skilled, talented, passionate, and compassionate students.

What Will the Middle School Class Schedule Look Like?

Each class will have an English-speaking lead teacher who will teach all academic subjects in a transdisciplinary manner. We will offer language immersion (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese) each day along with weekly Music, Art, and Physical Education classes with single-subject teachers.

What Is the Middle School Curriculum?

The curriculum will follow the Common Ground Collaborative, which is fully aligned with the principles and practices of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program and an extension of the entire elementary school experience. Based on principles of shared agreements on quality learning, self-examination, and peer review, Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) works to create learning ecosystems across a wide range of schools. By partnering with CGC, we will provide a coherent, consistent middle school learning ecosystem through which we Define, Design, Deliver, and Demonstrate learning in ways that have optimal learning impact.

How Do I Secure a Spot for My Student at Green Ivy Silicon Valley?

Applications are open for Kindergarten beginning with the 2024-2025 school year. Click here to get started!

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