Our Montessori Nursery Program

At Battery Park Montessori, the Nursery students are provided with meaningful learning experiences in a carefully-designed and prepared environment. They have many opportunities to grow and mature at a time where their minds are developing at the fastest rate in all of their lives. It is here that a strong foundation is established for their future years in education and life.

Nursery Ones

Beginning with Nursery Ones, for children ages 12 months and up, our educational program is designed to support children in their natural development – from personality to trust. This is a full-time Montessori Trilingual (English, Spanish and Mandarin) language program guided by Montessori credentialed teachers.

Nursery Twos

The Nursery Twos program is designed to continue to create a gentle transition from the child’s home to an early school experience. Our highly skilled and trained teachers guide our youngest children through a curriculum which respects their transition and addresses all aspects of their development by nurturing them intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

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