Nursery Ones Program

Beginning with Nursery Ones, for children ages 12 months and up, our educational program is designed to support children in their natural development – from personality to trust. This is a full-time Montessori Trilingual (English, Spanish and Mandarin) language program guided by Montessori credentialed teachers.

During these first formative years, we know our youngest learners need to be in a secure, attentive, loving, and nurturing environment – akin to their own family – so that a positive sense of self is cultivated. While children are encouraged to be exploratory and curious learners, there are caring, compassionate, and highly skilled early childhood education teachers always there to gently comfort and assist each child in our care. Explore deeper aspects of our Nursery Ones program below:

In addition to love, one-year-olds need spaces that foster their limitless curiosities and their natural instincts to learn. At this age, children need ample opportunities to explore their environment with their newfound gross motor skills and budding senses. Whether it be manipulating an object, looking at the mirror, toddling around, smelling flowers growing on our patios or along our riverfront promenade, our classrooms and outdoor spaces are beautifully suited to support children in reaching important milestones and more!

Communication with one-year-olds, both verbal and non-verbal, are also a vital part of the Nursery Ones program. Our classroom is a rich environment for developing language and learning sounds at a time when sounds are readily absorbed. With that said, English, Mandarin, and Spanish vocabulary of objects, activities, and feelings pervades every aspect of our program in a natural, immersive way. 

Throughout a child’s one-year-old journey with us, communication with our families is vital to everyone feeling welcomed, successful, and comforted. We strive to be in constant dialogue with our families, so that their needs are seamlessly met once they return home. In addition, our aim is to support families in “parenting”  – through parent/caregiver education of developmental milestones and ongoing consulting for what tips or practices could be used at home. Whether a parent/caregiver is new to parenting or a seasoned parent “veteran,” we recognize that every child and family circumstance are unique, and we are here to support families wherever they are in their journey.

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